Welcome to Thaispelling.com


Welcome to ThaiSpelling.com

What’s It All About?



This Web site has information on four topics.  There are four tabs:

  • Thai Unit Files
  • Database Unit Files
  • Art Gallery
  • Animal Stories

Thai Unit Files

This tab contains 22 Microsoft Word files for learning the alphabet and spelling of the Thai language.  The files form an electronic textbook on the subject.  They make use of color to help learn the pronunciation of tones.  They also include original mnemonic devices for keeping the spelling rules in mind.

–>  There are 22 companion apps, one for each of these units, available at the Google Play store, usable on Android devices.  The names of the apps are Unit1ThaiSpelling, Unit2ThaiSpelling, Unit3ThaiSpelling, and so on.

Database Unit Files

This tab contains 21 Microsoft PowerPoint files for learning about database management systems.  The files form an electronic textbook which covers SQL using Microsoft Access, and the fundamental principles of database design and implementation.

Art Gallery

This tab contains 10 jpg files which are digital reproductions of original copperplate etchings of scenes in Thailand.

Animal Stories

This tab contains 6 different animal stories designed to help young learners learn English as a foreign language.  The pictures and text for the stories are stored in separate PowerPoint files, so there are 12 files altogether.