Database Unit Files

Database Unit Files

Sample Database Tables

Table 1, Actor Table Data

Table 2, Movie Table Data

Table 3, Role Table Data

Table 4, Quote Table Data

Table 5, RoleQuote Table Data

Units 1-21, PowerPoint Files

Unit 1, Introduction

Unit 2, Selection and Projection

Unit 3, Joins

Unit 4, Functions and Calculated Fields

Unit 5, Group By and Having

Unit 6, Views and Temporary Tables

Unit 7, Set Operations

Unit 8, Subqueries

Unit 9, Correlated Subqueries

Unit 10, Creating Tables, Constraints, and Indexes

Unit 11, Changing Database Contents and Design

Unit 12, MS Access Information

Unit 13, Final Project

Unit 14, Entities and Relationships

Unit 15, Data Modeling

Unit 16, EasyPHP Information

Unit 17, Normalization

Unit 18, Relational Modeling and Algebra

Unit 19, Hash Join and B+ Trees

Unit 20, Object-Oriented Modeling and Design with UML

Unit 21, Object-Oriented Design and Databases